Christmas Travel 2012 – Day 8 in NYC

Jetlagged, and not feeling very well, we had a short day in NYC.  Ashley and I woke up around 4am, waited for breakfast, and walked out to Times Square.  We stopped in a few shops while working our way towards Radio City Music Hall.  There, we watched the Rockettes in the Christmas Spectacular.  We enjoyed ourselves and the show immensely; it’s much less tacky & cheesy than we thought it would be.  Lunch followed at TGI Fridays nearby, where we discovered everything was more than twice the price back home.  We went back to our hotel after this and only left for 2 Brothers Pizza around the corner for dinner.  Slices were $1-$2.50 a piece and we decided that it’d be come a staple diet for the duration of New York.

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